i18n l10n – How do you translate the body text on a multilingual site?

I feel like this must be a daft question as I can’t find any reference to it on the internet so figure the answer must be obvious.

Here goes…

Do I have to manually copy text into google translate then paste it back into my articles to translate it to a different language?

The site is drupal 8.9.15 and I have enabled the language module and also the configuration, interface, and content translation modules.

After enabling the modules I then installed Spanish and have the following setting in Detection and selection.

Detection and selection image

URL selection

I have then enabled the following custom language settings and gone through each one to enable the desired options.

enter image description here

I then go to an article and click on translate.

enter image description here

The language dropdown switcher changes to the translated language and some of the interface also translates but none of the content.

Any help would be great