If my final destination is Bursa City, Turkey, is landing in istanbul airport my best option?

My final destination is bursa city in Turkey. I can have direct flight to Istanbul, from my city alexandria, Egypt but is it best to land in istanbul or should I land in another airport?

I will travel with my 2 kids and wife and I mean by best affordable and comfortable for my wife and kids.

I’m really worried how would I move with at least 3 big luggage and 2 small bags with my two kids. They are almost two years so too heavy to carry and if I used a baby car it would be difficult to move two baby cars and the luggage even with my wife’s help.
So transmitting to ferry from taxi and then another taxi doesn’t seem plausible to me

I do believe that travelling with my family to cairo will be more comfortable and cheaper than travelling long distance in Turkey. But I am not sure if I took off from cairo airport that would allow me to land near Bursa.

There are a lot of international airports in Turkey and i am confused and most online booking websites doesn’t allow you to specify generic destination and give you best route.

Thank you for advance.