If the Lightning Network is so great, why is it “level 2”, not stable and not built into Bitcoin Core?

I’ve been very frustrated for a long time in regards to not being able to get straight answers from anyone. Basically, Lightning Network, as it’s described, seems to solve all the problems with Bitcoin. I’m unable to accept payments due to the insane fees, but would be able to if Lightning Network were supported.

But it’s not supported. At least not in Bitcoin Core, which is the only Bitcoin client/wallet/node I consider “serious”. Which means I cannot use it.

Why is not the “real” Bitcoin project working on its own “layer 2”, as a core feature of Bitcoin, instead of relying on this perpetual alpha-stage, never-goes-anywhere, separate Lightning Network thing?

Do the people who develop for Bitcoin really not understand that the average person has never heard of Lightning Network and is never going to learn about or use it? That even hardcore Bitcoin fanatics like myself find it utterly impossible to start using it? That the massive fees make it impossible to make any kind of non-huge payments over the Bitcoin network in its current state?

Whatever the real reason is, I find it maddening beyond words. It’s almost as if the “core team” (yes, such a thing does exist, no matter how much we like to think of Bitcoin as “fully decentralized”) have entirely dropped any incentive to improve Bitcoin at all. This “Taproot” update has been promoted massively and forever, yet doesn’t seem to do anything differently whatsoever in practice.

I don’t get it. What is the problem? Why does the community just “hand-wave” away this critical problem of massive fees (and waiting) and tell us to use some separate thing which might as well be yet another garbagecoin? I consider Lightning Network to be just the same as Bitcoin Cash. I want nothing to do with it. It’s not stable, it’s not ready, it’s not supported, and it’s not sensible to rely on some “add-on” for core functionality.

Can somebody please explain this once and for all, in a sensible manner? I feel like the time is running out and life’s slipping away but no progress is made whatsoever. It’s just a bunch of nonsensical fluff and buzzwords, day after day, but the core problems are never fixed or even (seemingly) cared about by anyone.