image processing – How to open a raw file in Camera Raw full size rather than cropped to in-camera aspect ratio?

On a recent photography holiday I took a number of photographs using the in camera option to change the image size to, for example, 16 x 9. The native image size of the camera is 4:3.

I transferred the images to an Epson-7000 viewer. The viewer shows the JPEGS in the selected image aspect, but the RAW files appear in 4:3. Some of the images were incorrectly cropped in the camera and I would like to correct this in Photoshop. However, when I open the RAW files in Camera Raw, I see the cropped versions and not the full images as seen on the Epson Viewer.

Is there any way to set Camera Raw to open the images in the 4:3 format and without the in camera image size applied?