image quality – What adjustments are most useful / typical for improving scanned slides that look flat and a bit magenta?

I have started to scan my slide collection (made between 1980 and 2000), using a Nikon CoolScan V-ED, and found that nearly all scans look flat and boring, and many have a magenta cast, some badly. They often also feel like they are missing a lot of red/orange.
Here some examples:

somewhere in Italysomewhere in Italysomewhere in Italy

I don’t want to use the more elaborate options in the scan software (Nikon Scan 4.03: ICE, ROK, DDE, GEM, etc.), as they slow down the scanning a lot, and bring only limited improvements.

I have Adobe LightRoom, and can normally adjust pictures easily; I consider myself familiar with all the sliders and options. However, I struggle to find the right adjustments that make those scans look good.
I tried of course Temp, Tint, Contrast, Clarity, Vibrancy, Saturation, and many variations of adding / removing selective Saturation (for example, adding red and orange, and removing magenta); the results are better but still unconvincing. I know that it is often not easy to see what a photo is ‘missing’, so:

My Question is: are there typical adjustments that are proven / recommended for older slides?