In your opinion, has America become better or worse than Trump was responsible for?

– What Trump did well –
Promise to replace Obamacare with something better and cheaper
Promised infrastructure spending worth one trillion dollars
Promise to reduce the deficit and eventually balance the budget
Promise to lower prescription drug prices

– What Trump did wrong –
No substitute for Obamacare offered
No investment in infrastructure worth ANY dollar could be offered
Deficit could not be reduced; In fact, he raises it to $ 1 trillion a year!
The prices for prescription drugs could not be lowered – they continue to rise!

In short, Trump could NOT live up to his biggest promises and turned out to be a liar, child and divisor. We feel worse about him.

*** Update ***
I agree that the economy is okay, but if you look at the data, this is not even a continuation of the good work that Obama has done to get us out of the Bush recession. Trump's tariffs weigh on the economy, and its deficits are not sustainable. Obama reduced unemployment from 11.5% to 4.5%; Trump reduced it by another 0.5%. Nice, but no big deal.