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I am not the admin or the owner of the program

Infinity Polaris is a new investment Project with an investment Part and Mlm part, the company make money from 4 industries: Sports Betting, Forex Trading Bots, E commerce, Owning Their Own cryptocurrency.

The company offers a 4 Investment Plan:
Plan 01: Package 01 Steel
Investment: 10 EURO
Return on investment: 0.16 euro daily for 120 Days

Plan 02: Package 02 Slive
rInvestment: 50 Euro

Return on investment: 0.8 Euro daily for 120 Days

Plan 03: Package 03 Gold

Investment: 300 Euro

Return on investment: 5 Euro daily for 120 Days

Plan 04 : INFINITY

Investment : 1000 Euro
Return on investment : 16 Euro daily for 120 Days

Investment in the token of the platform:

This investment will allow you to earn 3 % on your holding of the infinity Tokens every month.

Sports betting subscription:

The Platform also sells Sports betting signals subscription that allow for people betting on soccer games to make money by betting on the winning team by following the advices of the professional team of sports betting experts of the platform

The eCommerce Platform of the company:

The company will launch its own eCommerce Platform that will sell a different range of products in different industry.

The Affiliate Program of the company :

The affiliate program of the program will allow you to make 10 % on all the investment of your referrals in addition to that you can earn money with Binay program, the matching bonus, the carrier plan and the mono plan, all this information are explained in this official presentation right here:

The Presentation right now is just in French, right after the launch the others presentation in others languages will be available

The program is now in a prelaunch and pre singup period, it will be launched on 09/12/2020, in order to register and get your account, you need to inbox me on telegram: @askeur30 to setup an account for you and send you the invite to the company via email.

The benefits of registering right now is the fact that you will is the fact that you will be placed in a strong team with a strong binary and overflow what means that we have a big team what will guarntate for you to earn huge commaissions from the monoline, binary and matching bonus .

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