Info – New Posting Package Available! | Forum Promotion

We are proud to announce a new forum posting package here at FP. With the package team growing, now it’s time to step things up slightly. So without further ado, here are the details.

Jadeite Package
You will receive sixteen threads and twenty-eight replies from at least four package team members on your forum. You can upgrade this to package to 44 threads or 44 replies for an extra 400 FP$.
Requirements: You must have made at least twenty five posts within the public forums of the Forum Promotion community (profile posts do not count) in the last ten days. Your forum also must have at least 250 posts.
Cost: 800 FP$ (+400 FP$ to upgrade the replies to threads or all replies +300 FP$ for having staff post in specific areas +150 FP$ for each staff member requested)
Extra Info:
After this package is completed, you must wait 36 days, from the date of request, before requesting another package.