inheritance – Doctrine can’t access child property for uniqueConstraint

It is after having searched arround doctrine doc that I come to ask this question which is software design related.

A class B inherits from a class A.

The class B cannot declare a uniqueness constraint on the fields of the class A and those of the class B because, as they both represent two different table, a table B can’t define constraint for table A fields.

Indeed, when trying to update the database, we get this nice error message:

C:wamp64www...>php bin/console doctrine:schema:update --force

In SchemaException.php line 86:
  There is no column with name 'parameter' on table 'setting_company'.  

Here is a code snippet for some context:

The ‘parent’ Setting entity from which the SettingCompany entity inherits:

 * @ORMEntity()
 * @ORMDiscriminatorMap(
 * value={
 * Setting::COMPANY=SettingCompany::class,
 * Setting::COMPANY_GROUP=SettingCompanyGroup::class, // <- class not represented in this snippet
 * Setting::GROUP=SettingGroup::class, // <- class not represented in this extract
 * Setting::USER=SettingUser::class, // <- class not represented in this snippet
 * }
 * )
 * @ORMDiscriminatorColumn(name="d_type", type="string", length=10)
 * @ORMInheritanceType(value="JOINED")
abstract class Setting implements ParameterHolderInterface

    const COMPANY = 'company';
    const COMPANY_GROUP = 'compgrp';
    const GROUP = 'group';
    const USER = 'user';

     * @ORMId()
     * @ORMColumn(type="integer")
     * @ORMGeneratedValue(strategy="IDENTITY")
    protected ?int $id = null;

     * @ORMManyToOne(targetEntity="AppDomainParameterEntityParam")
     * @ORMJoinColumn(name="parameter", nullable=false, referencedColumnName="code", onDelete="CASCADE")
    protected Param $param;

    // ... Other fields not relevant to the problem


SettingCompany which inherits from Setting :

 * @ORMTable(uniqueConstraints={@ORMUniqueConstraint(name="unq_param_company", columns={"parameter", "company"})}) <-- The problem is here
 * @ORMEntity(repositoryClass="AppDomainSettingRepositorySettingCompanyRepository")
class SettingCompany extends Setting

     * @ORMManyToOne(targetEntity="AppEntityCompany", cascade={"remove"})
     * @ORMJoinColumn(name="company", referencedColumnName="code", onDelete="CASCADE")
    private Company $company;
    //... Other fields not relevant to solving the problem

Of course, this is because I’m trying to define a unique constraint on two fields which are not in the same table.

If I change the inheritanceType for SINGLE_TABLE it’ll work, but it’ll come with serious performance issue when fetching data so I won’t do that.

What I really want to have is this ‘super’ entity Setting so I can manage every sub-Setting entity in the same way through the same interface.

So, I’ve already tried moving the $param field, directly into the child classes. This works, but it is not at all what I want to do.

And I can’t use composed primary key, because doctrine is really bad at handling those one (Can’t make ManyToMany from a ‘composed key entity’). This is really painfull not to be able to use it.

So this is a design issue…