innodb – MYSQL Slow Query WARNING

I am running FiveM (Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer Game Modification) server, which uses MYSQL as database. When I have a lot of data stored in the database, the data starts executing very slow and In my console appears that Slow Query Warning. Can someone help me ? How can I fix/improve/remove the limit of it and do the query execution faster, because when I receive this slow querry warn, in my server everyone have something like a delay (like if the open menu which access data from the base, they need to wait like 1-2 minutes, but if the database is brand new, there is no problem, only when i have more than 40mb database which i think is not that ok, i’ll be glad if someone helps me).

Slow Querry Warns :

 (esx_billing) (4825ms) INSERT INTO billing (identifier, sender, target_type, target, label, amount) VALUES (?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?) : ("steam:110000142fd3d53","steam:110000142fd3d53","society","society_police","Speedcamera (80KM/H) - Your speed: 148 KM/H - ",1300)

 (esx_inventoryhud_trunk) (1456ms) SELECT * FROM trunk_inventory WHERE plate = ? : ("EIK 160 ")

 (esplugin_mysql) (2232ms) UPDATE users SET `money`=?, `bank`=? WHERE `identifier`=? : (6066,337190,"steam:110000136560c03")

 (gcphone) (3332ms) UPDATE phone_messages SET phone_messages.isRead = 1 WHERE phone_messages.receiver = ? AND phone_messages.transmitter = ? : ("391-2698","774-8865")

Is it something from mysql’s configuration, does I need to change some values/settings in the .ini to avoid this slow querry’s, also they happens only when In my server are connected more than 40 players. What I think, more players = more querry’s.