Install WordPress Blog Plus A Theme, 1 Plugin & Basic SEO for $9

Install WordPress Blog Plus A Theme, 1 Plugin & Basic SEO

Get ALL the basics for only 9 bucks!! I will install WordPress on your hosting, plus your theme and 1 plugin AND basic SEO included!

You must have the theme & plugin you want used to be ready upon ordering, as I do NOT get the theme/plugins for you! Once you have those then I will put it all together for you. If you want to use paid themes/plugins, then you must buy them yourself and then attach them to your order for me to install, along with any license verification numbers that may be required.

Basic SEO means I will use your keywords when setting up the blog installation meta tags & description. If you want a first post written to start the blog, then please see the extras below.

If you want your new website to be crawled and indexed faster then my submission extra will do that by submitting your site to as many as 50 statistics & ranking sites for instant backlinking. Note that these are NOT high quality backlinks and are used for faster indexing ONLY.

NOTE: You must have cpanel hosting, as that is what I am used to.

Let’s DO IT!!