installation – How to do Batch install multile apks from windows computer to Android box

I want to batch install apks from my desktop directly. Such as I downloaded many apks on the windows desktop i also have them on a USB stick and want to install apks without actually touching my android for each install I want to auto push like 100 apks to my android box without needing to do one by one or without needing to click install and done for each etc.

I used to install one by one by downloading each manually and then doing the install for each and every one.
I then started using apk installer app which at least allows me to load all my apks on the stick then it scans and does the install for each which is handy but I still needed to click install and done for each of them which sucks when it’s alot of apks.

I came across another post on this forum and it works perfect however the process only works from my android phone to windows pc I need the process to work from an android box not a android phone.

The process I used for the phone was outlined on the following link:

Batch install apks from computer to Android without actually touching my Android

Can anyone help to have this process done from android box vs android phone as the post above works 100% but only for phone not android box and i can’t get android box seen or recognized by the windows pc

How to do this?