insufficient memory – How to solve “Couldn’t save screenshot storage may be in use”

i have already fixed this but i want to share how did i fix this issue.It is basically a cache problem that i was experiencing,however even if i cleaned that,it didn’t worked so I got to go a little bit deeper and I found the solution.Very simple

1:Go to settings then application manager
enter image description here

2:Click on Chorme(in my case,the problem was on Google Chrome and Google)
enter image description here

3:Click on “Manage Storage” then on “Manage” and delete the content
enter image description here

4:Do the same to “Google application” and the problem will be fixed.

Although it is simple I had a hard time trying to figure out what was wrong,then I noticed that it was not only to clean the cache normally but you also nedded to open its configuration and clean the cache that was in there.Apparently Google Chorme stores a lot of trash and over the time,it might cause some issues.

Please if you have other ways to fix this problem,share them here.

Let’s help others 🙂