interaction design – Is there a specific name for not getting back to the same content?

So we’re working on a new social media app, and when discussing with the team the analysis and insights for different social media sites, we came to this one you can see on several sites,most noticeably Facebook: If you are on a page, you see some content. Let’s say you see post 1, post 2 and post 3. Now you click on a link that takes you out of the view. For example, you check a notification. If you go back with your browser, you won’t be able to get to where you were at first and now you will see post 4, post 5, post X.

Obviously, this is a UX antipattern and clearly a breach of UX rules, specially

  • Permit easy reversal of actions.
  • Support internal locus of control.

and arguably, a couple other rules.

There’s no doubt for us about this, it’s easily measurable.

My question is: is there a proper name for this behavior? I mean, not only the lack of control, but the content refresh (or any other antipattern mechanism) that leads to such lack of control.

Note: the reason for this question is in order to have a glossary and documentation for the project