interaction design – What sort of progress indicator would you use for this task?

I have checked online as well as on the forum here that touches on my specific scenario and have not had any luck.

Context: User downloads a third party app from our platform but they are missing relative data needed by that third party for the app to run correctly.

My solution: When they open the app for the first time, we make it easy for them to connect their data sources with a modal overlayed ontop.

Problem: There are many third party apps out there, in this case scenario it’s a health app that requires data from 2 sources: Oura and Fitbit. So, I’ve created a progress indicator which I read is good for a minimum of three steps. So, connection oura and fit bit would be only 2 steps. I’m not sure if this is inevitable. Say a user is downloading a movie recommendation app and they require data from Amazon, Netflix and Hulu, that’s 3 steps and would justify a progress indicator.

What if a user just has to connect only one data source too? I’m not sure what progress indicator to go with here. Would love some insights

Thanks, Dave

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