internal dns – Windows 10 / Chrome: HTTP browser request to IP address differs from same request to hostname

Agaoin, this is on Windows 10. I’m bringing in a new Ubuntu test web server ( to our internal network, which is all in the domain. There’s a DNS server on another machine that handles all DNS lookups.

PC configuration for DNS is:

DNS configuration

When I ping the web server by name, I get

DNS resolution

I have rebooted within the last five minutes.

Now, at a Chrome or Firefox or even Edge (which I usually avoid like the plague) web browser, when I access the server by name, I get a failure:

Failed when using hostname

But when I access via IP address, I have success:

Success via IP address

So it looks to me like the DNS lookup either isn’t happening at ANY of the web browsers, or they’re getting results different from the commandline ping. How can I diagnose this, and – more to the point – how can it be fixed?