international travel – Is the UK exempt from providing a negative PCR test when traveling to Spain?

I was planning on visiting the Balearic Islands (Mallorca) at the beginning of June (4-6th) from the UK.

Method of transport would be air, landing in Palma.

I did a bit of research and came across the following guidance on the website.

Mandatory PCR-Test – Arrivals

From Monday, 23/11/2020, anyone travelling to Mallorca from a high-risk country (which currently includes the UK) must be able to provide evidence of a negative PCR-test result on arrival at the airport. Please see here for a full list of countries currently considered to be high-risk.

Please note:

The test can only be taken up to 72 hours prior to arrival in Mallorca.

The test result can be presented in either Spanish, English, German or French.

Anyone arriving without evidence of a negative test will be fined and will have to undergo testing at Palma Airport.

Children under the age of six are exempt and do not need to present a test result.

Upon checking the Spanish Ministry of Health website regarding a full list of countries currently considered to be high-risk

I wasn’t able to find any information about the UK:

The airport guidance, judging by the latter bullet point highlighted in bold, suggests that everyone arriving must have a negative PCR test upon arrival, regardless of the country they came from.

Would that be a correct assumption?

But reading the Spanish Health Ministry’s website, is the UK considered a high-risk country or not?

What I’m trying to figure out is if I need to have a PCR test done in the UK prior to entry.