internet – Comcast upgraded my neighborhood cables to fiber optics and now I’m getting 5.5 GBPS upload speeds over WIFI. What is going on?

Link to speed test screenshot

A few weeks ago Comcast upgraded my neighborhood cable infrastructure from coax copper to fiber optics. Since then my network connectivity has not been great… Initially throughput was about 10% of max speeds both down and up. Tech support did some modifications on their end and download speeds are in line with expectations about 70% of the time. I was also experiencing exceptionally weird upload speeds. My upload speeds have typically been initially spiking to about 2-3 gigabits per second, crash, and then reset to 40 megabits per second. I’ve been able to replicate this on multiple devices too. It’s also been a challenge doing work remote because my servers/services have no clue what’s going on with my wonky connection and drop my file uploads like it’s hot.

Now here is where things get really weird. After ascending the many tiers of tech support to try and resolve my problems, they did some more work to my building’s (multi-unit dwelling consisting of about 20 condos) physical network yesterday afternoon and it seems my problems are more pronounced. Last night I got 5.5 GBPS upload speeds over WIFI.

But does anyone have any clue as to what might be problem??? All I want is my network connection to be steady and consistent. I’m not pointing fingers, something very weird is going on here. I’m just hoping someone has some idea of what to do next. I’m at a loss as to what’s going on. Comcast also hasn’t gotten back to me either since my most recent update was outside of working hours last night.

Here are some extra details:

  • Primary computer: Surface Book 3 (802.11ax capable, everything up to date)
  • Modem/Router: Netgear CAX80 (802.11ax capable, DOCSIS 3.1, running the latest firmware, remotely rebooted at least 20 times and counting)
  • Internet plan: Comcast 1.2 GBPS downloads, 40 MBPS uploads