IOFLOOD – 3 Month Review

IOFLOOD 3 Month Review

I signed up with IOFLOOD for a Dual E5-2680v2 dedicated server about 3 months ago and wanted to give an update.

When signing up there is a 24-72 hour set up time. They were able to set me up earlier as I was a Webnx refugee. (If set up time is important to you, just take a note)

Let’s talk speed, the speed test’s download is 600 Mbps and upload 400 Mbps

Now, server response time for webpages is 100 MS or less from the tests done.

Sometimes email response time is a little slower than the liquid webs of the world. (10 minute response time or less). But we have had little reason to contact support.

Most important of all is uptime. We have had 100% uptime since signing up. We did have downtime recently for a ram upgrade. (Which is to be expected).

So, I would give them an A+

I have upgraded some features of my server. But current specs and price are below. I added additional RAM from the base set up and some additional IP’s.. But couldn’t be happier with the service and the price is quite reasonable.

Server specs and price

Dual E5-2680v2, 100TB / mo bandwidth on 1gbps, 256GB RAM, 2x 1.6TB NVMe SSD, unmanaged, 2x /29 IPs, $191.50.