ios – iPhone – how to disable Shake for undoing read/unread email?

When my mom switches to email on her iPhone, it shows a pop-up that says “Undo read?” with ok and cancel buttons.

I’ve googled till I’m blue in the face, and it’s very clear that this is the “shake to undo” feature, and that you can make this problem go away by turning off that feature. But then you can’t undo typing either.

My phone doesn’t do this. I have “shake to undo” enabled, and I do use it for undoing typing often. I have never had my phone ask me if I want to undo it’s marking an email read, even when I deliberately shake it to replicate my mom’s situation.

Is there a way to more specifically disable “Shake to undo marking email messages read/unread?” If she says “Ok,” and it marks the last message unread – then the next time she opens it, it says “Undo unread?” This is crazy-making…