ios – Is the Bookmark icon usable for save function?

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I’m looking to use a save icon for saving a user-generated video in an iOS app.

I was leaning towards using a tick icon in lieu of a floppy disk (who uses floppy disks anymore?) but was told by someone a little trendier that the kids are reading bookmark and download icons as denoting the save functionality. Here are the options as I see them, in order of best to worst:

  • tick
  • floppy disk
  • download
  • thumbs up
  • bookmark

The alternative is to use text, but I’m leaning towards an icon. In my mind the tick denotes approval, floppy disk is dated, and the other icons actually represent other functions (technically a download is not a save, thumbs is a like and bookmark is a bookmark) – but I could be way off.

Is the tick sufficient for save? Any other commonly recognised icons that denote save funcationlity?