ios – Navigate two diagrams on one screen

I want to display two charts on one page and have similar chart navigation and investigation experiences like iOS Apple Health App. The problem is that Apple Heath only has one chart on the page, but with two charts it becomes confusing how to properly use date controls for navigation.

Option 1

Has a date navigation control that controls two charts, and when a user scrolls horizontally across one of the charts, the dates in the control change.
Pros: There is more room for diagrams, a control reduces the clutter.
Disadvantage: When scrolling a chart, it may be confusing why the other should scroll.

Option 2

Has two independent date controls.
Pros: Separate controls make scrolling and controlling individual charts less confusing.
Disadvantage: There is less room left for diagrams.

Option 3

Have a date navigation control and tabs that switch the map.
Pros: A map simultaneously with a date navigation.
Disadvantage: Other diagrams are hidden, two diagrams are difficult to compare.

Various options for chart display