ios – Scaling Assets for Consistency issues on the iPhone XS and the iPhone XS Max

I'm struggling to scale assets between the iPhone X / XS and the iPhone XS Max (including iPhone 8 vs 8 Plus) properly. I would like the asset to be proportionately scaled across the different screen sizes.

To my knowledge, both X / XS and XS Max are used 3x Assets, however, differ in screen resolution: 375pt for X / XS and 414pt for XS max. I designed the asset on Sketch 375pt Width to scale properly 3x on the iPhone X / XS. The asset will display properly on X / XS, but will remain the same size on the XS Max instead of scaling proportionally on the larger display.

I also tried to change the size of the asset 414pt width, but this leads to the opposite result: Looks right on the XS Max, but too big on the X / XS instead of scaling down to be proportional.

I expect that from both screen sizes:
Asset scaled correctly

But I can see that on XS Max (Plus):
Asset not scaled

Ignore the image heights and see how the XS Max asset maintains the same size instead of scaling proportionally?

It seems I could force the assets to scale the XS Max by code by going through each asset and manually scaling it. However, I assume that it should be automatic and I am doing something wrong.