ip – How can I get (censorship) free internet access for my laptop from a restrictive country like Egypt without installing a VPN software on my laptop?

For personal and corona politics reasons I have been in Egypt for the last 2 weeks. I am starting a new full time job next week, and I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to install some proprietary company VPN software (for Citrix SSO) on a new company Mac.

Given that Egypt is blocking most VPN websites as well as VPN software (TunnelBear, Dashlane, …), I am worried that the reason I am unable to load all the correct VPN profiles onto my Mac could be related to how Egypt blocks VPN access.

Here’s what I did to try to circumvent the issue. On my iPhone I installed ExpressVPN, connected the VPN to the country of my employer (Switzerland) and then used my iPhone as a WiFi hotspot for my company Mac.

However, I noticed that while this lets me access all the blocked sites on my Mac, my Mac still shows an Egyptian IP (whereas my iPhone shows a Swiss IP when connected to VPN).

Is there some way I can provide my laptop with internet access as if it was in Switzerland (without installing some other vpn software directly on my Mac) ? I don’t want to be installing one VPN software on top of another, plus I need to reboot my Mac as part of the process of installing these enterprise security profiles including Citrix SSO, so I don’t want to rely on needing any additional VPN software to be running on my Mac.