ipad – To add more contact information to an Apple ID

For Christmas our kids gave us a second iPad (new) for our old first generation iPad. Since I'm going to start a new job in a new city this coming Monday, I want to set it up so we can use the time by using the two iPads with an Apple ID. My plan is to add their phone number or email address to the "contact" information on the "applied.apple.com" page and then change the FaceTime settings on each iPad so that we have different numbers / E Can associate emails with anyone.

When I log in to appleid.apple.com and try to add a new number, I take the code that they send me by SMS, but the system returns and tells me that the change can not be made now and that I should do this Try it later.

After several attempts it is clear that something is not working. Do you have any thoughts on how to add additional emails / phone numbers to an Appleid account?

Many Thanks