iphone – Any restrictions on Apple devices that stop connections to local network devices?

I’m a developer (I should properly know this) but are there any settings/restriction features across Apple Products (iOS, macOS, iPadOS etc.) that disallows connections to local networked devices?

I cannot, for some reason, connect to my Philips Hue Bridge via it’s local IP address, nor can the app connect to it. I also cannot connect to most other local networked devices on any of my Apple products for some reason? I head over to my Windows PC (using ethernet) and it works, I use my other family member’s iPhone/devices and theirs works too!

So my only assumption is that its some sort of setting/feature across iCloud preferences that stops me from accessing said devices?

P.S, yes I have allowed local network access for the Hue app…


HomeKit devices locally are not working either but are working on my family members devices