iphone – How can I access all data points for significant locations? I worked at a job before

On my iPhone I can do the following: go to "Privacy" -> "Location Services" -> "System Services" -> "Important Sites"

This gives me a list of places and times when I was in the places.
Here is my question: There is a specific place with time stamps for 7th February 2018, 8th August 2018 and 10th August 2018. This is my former place of work – I quit in August. My boss made me work regularly on the weekend, arrived at 4am and stayed until midnight.

I've been talking to HR about it for months and I want to show you these data. However, I only see three data points here! (It's December and I have a new job.)

Is there a way to access more than three data points? I am ready to do anything for it.