iphone – How I can add employee access card to IOS application?

I want to build an app for IOS specifically, where employee can see his/her digital access card ( image of the card )
and also, add the card to apple wallet so he can use it to access the office..

note: Currently each employee access card has long number written on it and can access either by scanning the card on the device Or entering the number.

I want to know if The thing I want to achieve is possible ? I have no idea how I can add the card which has an RFID chip to the app ^^
What I was thinking about..
when the employee login to the app, his access card number is already linked to his account, but how I can use that number to scan?

and when adding the card to apple wallet, what it will add exactly.. he employee card and save it’s card number to scan?

I don’t know ^^