iphone – iOS 9 Reminder App No Longer Separates Multiple Lines

I want to recover the line separation feature of the pre-iOS 9 Reminder App but running on iOS 13.

With this feature, I could paste multi-line text in a reminder item, and when I would hit Enter, it would the text break up into multiple reminders, one per line.

In this question from 2015, Reminders no longer separates items by line, user bmike wrote that the behavior is still there but you have to paste the text “into the list itself” instead of in a item. But every time I try that on my iPhone, Reminders creates a new reminder item forcing me to paste into that. User Steve Moser says to do this by long pressing without letting the keyboard show, but when I try that, no menu pops up.

I miss the old reminders app. Not only did it do this multi-line break up, it was also smart about the reminders in a list, keeping them in different orders for the active and completed, where the former was in an order of my choice and the latter was in the order I checked them off.

How do I paste “into the list itself” on an iPhone?