iphone – Photos not syncing to iCloud

SE tells me there are six “similar questions” but I looked at them all and they don’t help.

All Apple devices are running the latest versions. I deleted MANY photos and videos in the Photos app on a MacBook Pro (MBP). I deleted everything from the “recently deleted” collection. Both the MBP and the iPhone had “iCloud Photos” ON. But the iPhone did not delete them.

I turned OFF “iCloud Photos” on the iPhone. It deleted all but six photos. Don’t know why it kept those. I shut down the iPhone and rebooted it.

I turned “iCloud Photos” back on, and it downloaded more photos than it should have. Now, MBP and iPhone both say “updated just now.” But MBP Photos says “2,118 photos, 307 videos” while iPhone Photos says “2,294 Photos, 316 videos.” Neither one has any “recently deleted.” iCloud.com Photos in Safari says “2,279 Photos, 316 videos, 15 other items.”

Both devices are on the same WiFi router.  iPhone is cable-connected to the MBP and recently synced. MBP has 86 GB free storage on its SSD. iPhone has 1.4 GB free.  iCloud has 24.47 GB free.

Is there a fix to make both devices match?