iPhone – Sharing file via “Copy to WhatsApp” option missing after updating to iOS 14

The exact situation I am trying to resolve is as follows….

when receiving a file in email, usually an audio file, once opening it I could tap on the share icon which would bring up many options, one being “copy to WhatsApp”. This option is now missing since upgrading to iOS 14.

The regular WhatsApp option is still there but that never worked for a file, it always gave the error that this item can not be shared. The additional icon of “copy to WhatsApp” is what always worked and is what I’m trying to find again.

I did not upgrade or change any WhatsApp features, and when tapping “edit actions” or the “more” options I can not find any way to add this feature.

I can send the file by saving it to my downloads and attaching it to a message but this option basically shows the file as an attachment in the message view with the file name shown as well. What I want is it to show just like a voice note as it did before so would really like to know how to add the copy to WhatsApp feature again…thanks in advance for any help