Is converting multiple nested python dictionaries/lists into json going to cause problems if other languages try to decode them?

An aim of a research project I am doing using python is that my results are as accessible as possible. As a result, I am converting all my results to JSON so that future researchers who might want to use different languages can access and manipulate my data easily. At present, I am storing the data (YouTube comments data) in Python as multiple nested dictionaries/lists and then writing it to a JSON file:

import requests
import json

params = {
    'part': 'snippet,replies',
    'maxResults': 100,
    'videoId': ********,
    'textFormat': 'plainText',
    'key': ***********

headers = {
    'User-Agent': 'Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/74.0.3729.169 Safari/537.36'

comments_data = requests.get('', params=params, headers=headers)
results = comments_data.json()

comments_list = ()

for item in results("items"):           
    comment = item("snippet")("topLevelComment")      
    author = comment('snippet')("authorDisplayName")     
    text = comment('snippet')("textDisplay")
    likes = comment('snippet')("likeCount")
    reply_count = item('snippet')('totalReplyCount')

    comments_list.append({    #appends comment as a dictionary
        "author" : author,
        "text": text,
        "likes": likes,
        "reply_count": reply_count

     if 'replies' in item.keys():     #checks if a comment has any replies
         for reply in item('replies')("comments"):
             rep_author = reply('snippet')("authorDisplayName")     
             rep_text = reply('snippet')("textDisplay")
             rep_likes = reply('snippet')("likeCount")

             comments_list(-1)('replies').append({    #appends replies to latest entry in comments_list (aka its parent)
                 "author" : rep_author,
                 "text": rep_text,
                  "likes": rep_likes

with open("comments.json, "w", encoding="utf8") as f:
    json.dump(comments_list, f, ensure_ascii=False)

As you can see, I am storing information about the comments, in particular the replies, as nested dictionaries.

I only have experience with Python, so I am unsure if other languages would struggle to process this data or not. Can anyone shed some light?