Is HostSolutions Down for the Count?

hostsolutionsOn LowEndTalk, there has been a great deal of discussion about the fate of HostSolutions:

In a nutshell, HostSolutions suffered some sort of massive disk array failure which wiped out service to 3,000 users.  You can read the history in those threads, or in these alternate forms:

There has also been talk of a movie being made about it.  We also previously interviewed Marius, HostSolutions’ owner.

Updates have been scarce but there have been various developments since our last update:

So HostSolutions, what’s going on?  The community is very disappointed at the poor way in which this has been handled, where a provider suddenly goes silent and now appears to be going out of business, owing a good deal of services unrendered to our readership.

We urge Marius to give folks an update, either here, on LowEndTalk, or your own announcements page.


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