Is it okay to have 300 large pictures on the homepage of a website?

Personally (as I have already said in a few comments), I would never go anywhere near a website trying to display as many images on the homepage, even if they use a combination of progressive or slow loading, as in mentioned another answer.

Apart from the load times and the data usage, that many pictures are far too many to be "taken in", I think it would be completely counterproductive to try this.

The only conceivable If you allow this result (display everything on one page), you can divide your products into several categories (I would say probably not more than 10, certainly not more than 20) and either display a single image for each category (eg in a grid), or show few Sample products from each category in rows (one image row per category).

You could then implement an "implement"Show all products in one category"On many websites, you would come to one page per category, showing all the relevant products: In this case, you could dynamically expand the selected category on the home page and load all the products.Hide products"Function of a kind to hide the category (but likely that the images remain on the page" existing ", only hidden).

With all this you can then perhaps a "Show all 495 products"Button that would expand everything Categories and (possibly) show all products. I would still argue against the overall benefit of such a feature, but at least this is only at the user's option and you are warned in advance how many images should be loaded.