Is it possible for Minecraft to use time-dependent in-game progression rather than current tick-dependent?

I see the problem of the current tick-dependent approach to propel the in-game progression. The drawback of this tick-dependent approach is that if a computer running the game is not powerful enough, or there is so many entity to be ticked, the TPS will drop and overall in-game progress will be slowed down, which will negatively impact the in-game experience and immersion.

If the game used time-dependent approach instead, behavior and progression of any entity in a world will be based only on time, which increments regardless of how fast the computer is.

Imagine of projectile motion. The position of a projectile can be readily calculated by the simple formula which is a function of time, without the need of “repeatedly ticking” the object to the new position.

Also this can apply to any redstone circuits, which has exact operation time for each component. Given a serial connection of redstone repeaters, which, for some given time, can be finded out that which repeater is activated.

I wonder that this approach can be apply to Minecraft (or other video games)?