Is it possible to Always force terminate apps on windows

Is it possible to tell windows to always force terminate apps when I click exit button (X on right top) and most importantly when I click “Shutdown” or “Restart”

I already have the following but its not helping much. (Also windows updates keep reseting this back to 0 frequently. Thank you Windows)

(HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop)

It is extremely annoying to wait gracefully stopping apps with 0 real benefit. Sometimes if you have unsaved changes apps like word even block the restart completely… (What is even more crazy is that they have added an extra screen whenever you try to exit word which asks you to save even if the file is completely empty but this is for another day.)

I love how Linux handles these scenarios: exit, restart, shutdown means Terminate no matter what !
I wish to have the same functionality on windows and not the useless gracefully whatever, waiting for gratefully kill is just a waste of time for me.

Also, dont tell me what if I really forgot to save smt etc. Never have I ever had a case in my life where that extra screen before the restart saved me anything. If I click restart while having unsaved changes, than yes I know I have unsaved changes and I do NOT want them to be saved.