Is that possible to input `kind:app` automatically in spotlight? or Can I let spotlight search app executable file only?

Some background story:

I care about performance a lot and used to launching apps by typing their names. I rarely use mouse when I work. But the problem of spotlight is that is not only searching applications, it searches many other things. I knew I could turn off all other search results from System Preferences > Spotlight and I did that. I unchecked all options except Applications in that preference.

enter image description here

But spotlight still searches something else. In the spotlight search result, there will be a section called Developer and the result will include some plain text files such as xxxx-code.js when I type code in the spotlight.

enter image description here

To workaround this problem, I figure out I could use kind:app <keyword> format. But the thing is when I type kind:app, it will search for k, ki, kin etc.. Hopefully, you get what I mean. I am actually adding more overheads when I type kind:app and this is not what I want.

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I also tried to create a shortcut with automator script to insert kind:app text. But unfortunately, it does NOT work inside spotlight.

So my question is how I can input kind:app automatically when I launch spotlight and is that possible? OR can I let spotlight search application executable only? Even if I choose Applications only in the search result preference, it still searches something else. All I want is to launch app by typing its name or executable filename. Something like rofi -show run in Linux if anyone use rofi.

Thanks a lot.