Is the way to overcome the sales amount limit on eBay by setting it as auction with a low starting bid?

I haven’t used eBay for a few days and I just got some electronics items to sell on eBay for about $1999. But if I list one as Buy it Now, and then listing a second one is immediately disallowed, because there is a limit of sales amount of $2801 per month.

So then it will be quite bad, because to sell the items 1 month or 2 months later, it won’t be worth $1999 any more but perhaps worth $1699.

Is one method to overcome this by listing them as auction that starts with $1 or $200? Can this overcome the limitation and sell them all around $1999 or hopefully $1899, but it will run the risk of having the final bid at $1599, and end up losing money if the cost basis is actually about $1650?