is there a good shared hosting that’s better than most and slightly lower than VPS?

So i’ve been with a host for over 10yrs.. but our small WORDPRESS + WOO-COMMERCE website is just crawling / freezing on it. And we’ve done all we can on the site side. We have reasonable amount of plugins installed… and there is barely any traffic on the site but as soon as 1 or 2 users are on it, it crawls and sometimes even times out!

So i got a reseller package from INMOTIONHOSTING and trying them out.. this site is slightly better performing but the moment there are 2 or more users it crawls.. CPU spikes 100% etc..

Method of testing:

2 Tabs open for WP ADMIN

-> refreshing the Orders panel (simulating 2 admins processing orders)

2 Tabs open for Product display (com/?s=baby+&post_type=product)

-> with basic search “baby” (simulating 2 customers browsing products on the front end of the site)

NO OTHER USERS on site, and the damn thing is barely responsive.. and occasionally times out. ERROR 500

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So just 2 admins processing orders, and 2 customers browsing, and the site is barely usable!

Im honestly disappointed with the new host i thought IMH is high performing (as im paying nearly double for their reseller rates)

I refuse to believe that I need a strong VPS for this site (jesaz , just 4 users and a few plugins?!) …. but i am wiling to pay a bit more for a truly good performing shared host better hardware or better customer management (because perhaps IMH is overselling or im on a machine that has an abusive user hogging machine resources!?)

So im at a point willing to pay for a stronger better shared hosting (VPS is a waste of $$ at this point and does not make sense at all, again, with just 4 busy users on site!)