Is there any way to creat a tab that contains a nice “menu” of tools in Microsoft Teams?

I am using Microsoft Teams to deliver some lessons. I’ve been adding tools to the “Tabs” folders, but students have trouble because they constantly change in order, so every day I get students who say “I couldn’t find that tab…” when it just was in a different place. I think it would be better to just have a tab that says “Menu”, then they click and there is a nice simple page with buttons they click that take them to the tools.

I tried creating a OneNote page for that, but ran into three issues:

  1. I couldn’t make images into a hyperlink, only text.

  2. The OneNote page is editable by all, so they can accidentally mess up the menu.

  3. OneNote hyperlinks open in Firefox and don’t stay within the Teams app like other tabs hyperlinks will.

How can I make a nice menu for launching our various tools in Teams?