Is there anyway to get around Social Media ban on CBD advertising?


Apologies if this has been asked before but I can’t seem to find any other related content. I have set up 2 sites, and just recently and I am in the process of designing the sites and creating content. I have social media accounts already set up but I have run into a problem when it comes to advertising.

When I have both sites up and running I would like to run ads on Facebook, Google and Twitter but each company has a ban on ads relating to CBD or any mention of it. They won’t even consider an ad when there is CBD in the title of the site or URL. This is extremely frustrating considering that the products that will be included on the site are all completely legal in the jurisdictions that they would be advertised in.

Has anybody come across this problem or more to the point, has anyone got any advice for tackling it? I wouldn’t mind but all of these companies want to give me free advertising and then tell me I can’t use it! Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.