Is Trump really going to lose to Joe Biden?

He shouldn’t. Biden’s only purpose as the (D) nominee is to appoint the next US president he chooses for VP. He wasn’t doing much as BP & he wouldn’t be doing anything if elected,nor does he have a plan to deal with the economy & pandemic as the consensus among (D)s is to keep the economy shut down.  He’ll be confined in a room on a hospice bed or basement as he is too frail to brave the outdoors that could potentially kill him, if he gets infected. How would a president preside hiding in the basement in his/her entire term? Biden doesn’t have the energy, wisdom (lied about earning 3 academic degrees) & mental fortitude to administrate anything so he’ll most likely declare another shutdown & scheme with (D) Congress (having power of the purse) print endless amount of money to bailout (D) States broken treasury for decades long mismanagement of their states from spending more taxes than the very high taxes they collect regardless of how much the US dollar will deflate in value taking a page from the Venezuelan & Zimbabwean model where $1 is a Trillion in Zimbabwean & Venezuelan currency.

Biden is basically walking drone now. Sanders, his squads, Obama & even China will be pulling the strings, if Biden is elected. Biden who lies about his academic credentials will likely be flexible with Russia once again like it was with Obama & promote Burisma & Russian oil. Biden will have to appoint his brother & son to push back on manipulative (D) allies. Biden’s economy & bureaucracy would be worst than Obama’s turtle economy of 1.2% GDP. Smaller competitors will have no chance of competing with the big corporations due to more regulation & make the rich big pharma, & big insurance richer eliminating competitors. Biden will legalize opioid & illegal hard narcotics & any chemicals (D) junkies want to ingest, huff, snort, & inject; just as it was with Obama working with big pharma & allowing illegal alien gangs distribute epidemic of drug overdoses. Biden like Obama will give way for another JV team (ISIS) to establish a territorial Islamist Caliphate within a country, if not within 2 adjacent countries. Stacey Abrams saw Biden’s condition that she is pushing hard to be chosen for token diversity hire VP which is much easier to become president when Biden kicks the bucket than fundraising to win the primaries that she had no talent for.

Obama & Biden weaponized the IRS & Intelligence (revealed/declassified) to go after political opponent’s & solicited aid from a Foreign Spy, Fusion GPS working with Ukraine & Russia. Biden & DNC will like welcome China’s help as China bowed to defeat the incumbent POTUS, that’ll likely involve interfering in Nov. election helping Biden with Chinese operatives or agents social media trolls & influencers. China also has capabilities to change internet voting, just as Google. Both will make sure that Trump loses in the internet.

The all High & mighty saviors Biden & (D)s about believing all women lie demonstrate (D)s willingness to engage in dishonor & evil conduct as if women don’t lie & manipulate children & adults. Women just like men commit crimes, theft, fraud, & spread gossip. Biden’s denial proves that he & every (D) don’t believe all women who accuses (D)s like Tara Reade & Vanessa Tyson contradicting their past statements acting benevolent exalted judges out to convict a (R) suddenly caring about due process when he & the female candidates were pressuring Judge Kavanaugh to resign from his nomination without due process & clear evidence of a crime & misconduct. For decades the DNC had been secretly paying off sexual harassment suit with Tax Payers money. That’s how Congressman Conyers got away with his repeated misdeeds in the office. The other party have always championed due process in accordance to the US Constitution, now (D) are invoking due process.

POTUS occupying the Oval Office is exposing how duplicitous & devious (D)s are. How (D)s are not capable of rational & objective thoughts as their minds are at an endless sea of delusions involving the POTUS in some shape or form. If POTUSs predecessor nominated Kavanaugh for the SCOTUS, Kavanaugh wouldn’t have gotten the treatment he got. Blasey Ford’s allegation was obviously fabricated as none of her witnesses will corroborate her allegation even under pressure to lie by activists & partisan news media. Despite the FBI finding Blaseys allegation to not be credible, Kavanaugh was still dragged through a Senate Inquiry because (D)s & partisan news media keeps pushing Kavanaugh as guilty. Kavanaugh was a teen not a Senator who allegedly molested Tara Reade’s birth canal. The same activist & partisan news media were doing all they can to ignore or bury her story. A Larry King phone call that Tara Reade’s mother made, a friend & neighbors she told in 1993 remembers her grief makes Tara Reade’s allegation more credible than Blasey Ford’s mini mouse fake frail voice to garner sympathy & manipulate her audience.