It is over 9000!?! | Web Hosting Talk

While looking at the hosting options, this was found on a host's website:

"Our technical support has more than 35 years of IT and web hosting experience to ensure you get the right support!"

The "combined" part seems weird – if you hire enough technicians with over 10 years experience, how high can you get?

Seriously, how important is experience in the IT industry in general and in hosting for over 10 years? Technologies are changing, CPUs are getting faster – so it is important to know how the old systems worked? It seems to me that being older and learning a bit slower than the young ones is not a plus in this industry.

For example, not a hosting-related one, but – a friend is a very good Oracle programmer with decades of experience – could find in my city only one company that could use his knowledge and experience. For other languages, good 25- and 30-year-olds can do much better jobs these days.