italy – Is there a regular ferry between Sicily and Sardinia? (first hand experience)

I would like to know from somebody, with first hand experience, that has traveled from Sicily to Sardinia using a ferry (within the last 2 years).

Is there a regular ferry? And how regular (once a week, daily, …)

Here is the information I found on the internet.

According to google there are ferries but I would like to get some first hand reports.

On Southern Ferries there seem to be 2 ferries a week (in summer at least).

On tirrenia I found a ferry between Sicily (Palermo) and Naples.

On grimaldi lines they are advertising a new line from Palermo (Sicily) – Cagliari (Sardinia) – Naples but they only provide details for Cagliari – Naples.

Google maps and openstreetmaps show routes but I am not sure what that means

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