itunes – Synching iPhone to dell? What have I shared?

Someone PLEASE help!!! I’m a tech novice and really need help from some experts. Is there anything I can do to check this?

So I have a work computer and a personal phone. I have a dell work computer and an iPhone. I’ve used my laptop to charge my iPhone and when doing so, I’ve allowed access when the prompt asks “Trust this computer?”

My ask is did this synching share my web browsing history from my iPhone? I don’t see it on my laptop’s internet history.

I don’t see any of my phones images or contacts in my laptop but my anxiety riddled self would like answers. I was logged into a google account on my laptop but not on my iPhone.

My phone was on my home wifi and my laptop was on my home wifi while running a VPN.

When I go to my phones settings and click devices, I see that my work laptop is one of the devices. I have never signed on to my iTunes account on work dell laptop.

Any answers is appreciated. I turn in my work laptop the first week of next month. Also under my iCloud settings, safari is turned off.