itunes – Upload Expo IOS App with Transporter again after rejection – Failed to create the .itmsp for “***.ipa”, the app’s bundle id is nil

I created an expo application and built ios version and uploaded it to itunes connect using Transporter ios app, then it got rejected due to some technical reasons.

I fixed it and changed the “version” and “ios.buildNumber” in the app.json file both from “1.0.0” to “1.0.1”.

I built it once again with expo and while opening it on Transporter app to upload it to itunes it failed giving me this error message.

Failed to create the .itmsp for "***.ipa", the app's bundle id is nil.

I repeated building and opening it with transporter many times, but it gives me the same error message every single time.

I am stuck with that for a while now. Can anyone please help me what could be wrong ???

Thanks for reading…