java – Optimizing methods with multiple if checks on getter values

I have a method where I fetch user input, check if certain values exist, and based on that build my own custom input object that I would use to search in a database. The code for the search method is as follows.

public SearchDocumentResult searchData(EmployeeInput employeeInput) {
    EmployeeInput getEmployeeInputForSearch = buildApplicationInputForSearch(employeeInput);
    if (employeeInput != null) {
        return super.searchForExactData(getEmployeeInputForSearch);
    } else {
        return super.searchForCloseMatchData(getTestPersonInput);

The methods with multiple if checks on the input are as follows. Both the below methods and the above method exist in the same class.

private Application buildApplicationInputForSearch(Application applicationInput) {
        Application.Builder applicationForSearch = Application.builder();
        String jobIdFromInput = applicationInput.getJobId();
        if (!StringUtils.isEmpty(jobIdFromInput)) {
        FormSection formSectionInput = applicationInput.getFormSection();
        if (formSectionInput != null) {

    private FormSection buildFormSectionInputForSearch(FormSection formSectionInput) {
        FormSection.Builder formSectionForSearch = FormSection.builder();
        String formCountry = formSectionInput.getCountry();
        Map<String, String> employeeQuestions = formSectionInput.getEmployeeQuestions();
        Map<String, String> applicationQuestions = formSectionInput.getApplicationQuestions();
        List<String> formNames = formSectionInput.getNames();
        if (!StringUtils.isEmpty(formCountry)) {
        if (formNames.size() > 0) {
        if (employeeQuestions.size() > 0) {
        if (applicationQuestions.size() > 0) {

The EmployeeInput is a model class that gets generated through a library and therefore I cannot make that use Java Optional for fields that may or may not exist. Using this EmployeeInput object as it is, how can I make this code more readable, with less if conditions? Any help would be much appreciated.