java – Should we use a separate artifact repository for Maven snapshots?

We are currently using Maven for build and dependency automation. Our source code is in CodeCommit/Git. We are investigating CodeArtifact as our Maven artifact repository. We are using Jenkins for deployments. Prior to this all our builds were done with Ant and there was no dependency automation.

We have 50 lambdas and 5 internally written Java libraries/artifacts ( which we need to pull into the lambdas via Maven ).

Firstly, should there be a different CodeArtifact repository for snapshots vs releases or is it safe to put everything in one repository?

Secondly, should branches in CodeCommit be named after snapshots/releases for the libraries? For example there would be a 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT branch in CodeCommit which would build a 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT jar and deploy to the snapshots artifact repository?

I’m just trying to figure out the best practice for structuring this