javascript – Creating a function that adds to two separate arrays depending on the input

I am trying to combine two separate functions into a single function that can push a new item into one of two available arrays, depending on what the input is (in my situation, addToProsList or addToConsList).

Here is my current code. Having issues turning it into a single function (addToList()), because I’m not sure how I would be able to indicate which array it would enter with just the ‘detail’ parameter. I’m assuming I would need an if/else statement. I know this is simple, I am very stuck on how to approach this.

var housePros = ('3 bed', '2 bath');
var houseCons = ('over budget');

function addToProsList(detail) {
  console.log('Updated List: ', housePros);

function addToConsList(detail) {
  console.log('Updated List: ', houseCons);  

addToProsList('big yard');
addToConsList('no garage');

function addToList(detail) {