javascript – Design to store user information in session storage in react

Wanted to ask if the following design is okay based on my requirements:

Brief Description of my requirements:

I have a requirement to gather some info from the user and then the user attaches a file and hits the upload button to upload a file. When a user hits the upload button, I want to pass the gathered user info to the web service behind the upload button.

Here are my thoughts:

I am planning to have a table in react – most likely a data table that will have something like this.

Is this confirmed? Type your comments in the text area below Action
Select Yes or No from dropdown list // Your comments goes here Attach File

So I am planning to use material UI dropdown list component for the cell where it says Select Yes or No from dropdown list and textbox/textarea for the user to type their comments.

That Attach File is a prime React FileUpload advanced component. So when I click on it and user hits the upload button , I want to pass whatever user selected in first cell (Yes or No) and the comments entered by the user. I am planning to store the dropdown select option in sessionstorage.

I am wondering, can I have their comments stored in session storage as well as they type?

What are your thoughts on the overall design based on the requirements above? Please feel free to share any better alternative if you could think of. Let me know if I can answer any questions.